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37 World Leaders to Attend Second BRI Forum in Beijing

37 World Leaders to Attend Second BRI Forum in Beijing

350 Ministers and 5000 Participants from 150 Countries


Leaders from 37 countries, 360 ministers, 100 leaders of international organizations and 5,000 participants from 150 countries will attend the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Friday, April 19. In addition,  4,000 reporters will also be attending the Forum, whose theme is "Belt and Road Cooperation, Shaping a Brighter Shared Future.

"The second Belt and Road Forum will be held in Beijing on April 25-27. It will become China's largest international event this year. Thirty-seven leaders of state and government will participate in the forum," Wang told a press conference.  This
will include the leaders of Austria, Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and others. "Senior representatives" of France, Germany, Britain, Spain, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Union will also participate; other diplomatic representatives of the United States and North Korea will also be there. International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Christine Lagarde, and  Antonio Guterres, the UN secretary- general, are also expected to participate,
according to Wang.
Wang announced that there would 12 forums and conferences on various themes to be held on April 25 and on April 26, double the number of last year, and there will be a CEO conference with 800 attendees from businesses. On April 27, the leaders will attend a plenary session. Chinese President Xi Jinping will chair all the forum events and will give the opening speech while Xi and China's first lady will organize a gala dinner for the participants of the forum.
This is the highest-level event for cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative, Minister Wang said. He said this year's event will be characterized by a clear direction, a solid foundation, a warm response from participants, a program of
practical cooperation and clearly defined results. A Leaders' Round-Table Summit will issue a Joint Communique to show the political consensus of the leaders in building the Belt and Road.
The long-term effects of the Initiative will be to strengthen multilateralism, to enrich the principles of cooperation, to build a network of partnership and to build a strong support system for continued development. Wang Yi also underlined the connection between the BRI and China's new phase of "opening up." The new phase of China's "reform and opening up" will "bring more opportunities for promoting the 'Belt and Road Initiative' and the common development of all countries," he
said. "I believe that the forum will inject stronger impetus into the world economy, open even broader horizon for the development of the countries and contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for humanity," Wang concluded.


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