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BRIX Welcomed in Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

BRIX Presented in Stockholm Chamber of Commerce


The Belt and Road Initiative Executive Group for Sweden (BRIX) and its presentation of the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce was welcomed with with interest. It was the Chamber of Commerce's special network group for international expansion that wanted to be informed about the business opportunities opened on all continents with the new Silk Road and the ideas behind the Belt & Road Initiative. The network consists of companies that work with or are only interested in international trade. Among the highly qualified participants are several who have or are planning activities in China.

BRIX Chairman Ulf Sandmark began by presenting the association BRIX and how to understand the new Silk Road / BRI. It is necessary to turn the perspective around and understand how the Chinese leadership is thinking when talking about "a shared future for mankind," he stressed. Only the long-term perspective of this development policy can show that even the figures being presented are completely wrong, when in the Western world one describes China's indebtedness and thus investments as unsustainable. With China's 30, 50 and 100-year perspective on developing new rail corridors and cities, China's investments in today's wastelands can instead be very profitable in the long term.

The main review of the BRI from BRIX was made by BRIX member Lars Aspling who went through some basic facts about China's exceptional development over the past 30 years. While world GDP has risen three times on average per capita, China's GDP has increased 13 times per capita over the same period. China has gone from being the "World Factory" for mass production of cheap goods produced with low wages, to becoming a "Value Factory" based on the most modern technology and well-trained workforce. The basis for this has been a huge investment in education and infrastructure with the world's largest high-speed rail network, power projects and gigantic water diversion projects.

It is the success story of these 30 years that China wants to share with all other countries through the  BRI, so that even they can lift themselves out of poverty. This means that the BRI is not just about China but about all countries that want to participate. BRI is also not an aid project, but a collaborative project among independent states.

The review of BRIX was concluded by Lydia Liu, who is the Event Director for BRIX. She talked about the exchange with China she is working on to help business establishments in both directions and the active promotion of innovations that China supports. Sweden is particularly favored by China's interest and many delegations are now coming to Sweden to seek cooperation with Swedish companies, cities, authorities, academic and cultural institutions.

The participants had many questions and could provide very interesting additions to the picture when they told about their own business activities in China. The need for factual information, increased knowledge and discussion about BRI was also welcomed in this well-informed circle of entrepreneurs.


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