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The Belt and Road Initiative grows bigger

The Belt and Road Initiative grows bigger and bigger

Can become a "world land-bridge"


The Second Belt and Road Forum (BRF2) which was held in the Chinese capital Beijing on April 25-27 was a major success. Leaders from 37 countries, 360 ministers, 100 leaders of international organizations and 5,000 participants from 150 countries were in attendance. The Forum, whose theme is "Belt and Road Cooperation, Shaping a Brighter Shared Future", resulted in very important agreements and new initiatives, making the Belt and Road a more global phenomenon rather than just a Eurasian one.

In his opening keynote speech, President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of connectivity and infrastructure development on a global scale, saying:

"Connectivity is vital to advancing Belt and Road cooperation. We need to promote a global partnership of connectivity to achieve common development and prosperity. I am confident that as we work closely together, we will transcend geographical distance and embark on a path of win-win cooperation.

"Infrastructure is the bedrock of connectivity, while the lack of infrastructure has held up the development of many countries. High-quality, sustainable, resilient, affordable, inclusive and accessible infrastructure projects can help countries fully leverage their resource endowment, better integrate into the global supply, industrial and value chains, and realize inter-connected development. To this end, China will continue to work with other parties to build a connectivity network centering on economic corridors such as the New Eurasian Land Bridge, supplemented by major transportation routes like the China-Europe Railway Express and the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor and information expressway, and reinforced by major railway, port and pipeline projects."

Some of the resulting documents are important to explore. and therefore will be referenced here for the readers to explore their content without having to resort to some "expert analysis" which might ulter the true meaning and importance of these importnat outcomes of the BRF:

1. Joint Communique of the Leaders' Roundtable of the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

2. List of Deliverables of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, including a list of the major 35 projects of the BRI.



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